Marcus Autism Center is changing the very nature of how autism is treated in children through early intervention and groundbreaking research, and we rely on the generous support of donors.

At Marcus Autism Center, we are grateful to have supporters who continue to rise to the occasion to help us provide the specialized pediatric care kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) deserve. Today, the demand for this care is greater than ever.

But we're not just treating more kids. We're treating them better thanks to earlier intervention and treatment discoveries. With your support, we can continue to accelerate our research efforts to:

  • Lower the age of ASD diagnosis and promote earlier intervention, which our researchers have shown can improve outcomes.
  • Maximize learning through a focus on early brain development.
  • Develop tools for effective screening of ASD.
  • Address chronic feeding disorders.
  • Develop educational strategies that promote inclusive classroom environments and active engagement for students with ASD.


Championing discoveries like these has helped make Marcus Autism Center what it is today. We know that early intervention and research is the key to shaping the future of ASD care and treatment. And we know our next discovery would not be possible without your support.

Thank you for helping us give kids with autism every opportunity to meet their full potential.

Your generosity helps us:

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