Providing clinical services and support to children with developmental delays in language and communication

Our personalized treatment plans meet the unique needs of children and their families, and help children improve communication, social skills and academic skills.

Our treatments and interventions

Our intervention sessions include a combination of:

  • Teaching skills in simple and structured ways.
  • Building teachable moments into everyday activities.
  • Addressing barriers to learning.
  • Training parents to engage in skill building with their child.

These proven methods are individualized based on each family’s personal goals.

The role of parents in our program

We incorporate parent training and involvement into every facet of our treatment programs. You know your child best, and we’ll build on your relationship while supporting your role in the treatment process. This system helps caregivers feel empowered to transfer these new skills into daily life.

The difference of one-to-one care

Our experienced clinicians believe one-to-one care is most effective for children with severe communication challenges. Our treatment team consists of highly trained therapists, doctoral-level board certified behavior analysts and licensed psychologists who will work with you and your child.


To have your child evaluated by our team, you’ll need a doctor referral and to complete our form to make a new patient appointment.